I am a mother. I am a mother of six. I am a mother of six that expects the best from her children and wants the best for her children. As such, when several of them began experiencing unexplained health issues, I did not give up or simply accept what was.

Well, after two years, the mystery was solved. The strange skin rash which had been suspected to be psoriasis and the seemingly unrelated stomach issues both came down to food allergies. With my two children that we have results back for, the list of food allergies include: dairy, peanuts, almonds, strawberries, watermelon, white potatoes, gluten, coconut, bananas, onion, oat and even beef. Wow, that is long and may even grow when we know the allergies for the other children.

This is not an easy list to work with but it is NOT impossible. It will take a lot of planning to put it all together and it will take some time.

On a positive note, I was already featuring many gluten free items and had studied food allergies. So, if you have a food allergy, we get it. We understand how important this is and how critical it is to eat somewhere that understands your needs. My staff is in training to learn how to help people with a food allergy, any food allergy and we work hard to make sure we can accommodate as many people as possible with fast and knowledgeable service.