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What’s ACTUALLY in Your Vitamins and Supplements?

Many companies produce large quantities of dietary supplements with promises and labels that claim the purest, highest quality of ingredients, and for the price the customer pays for them, you can only hope they are as honest as they seem, right? The problem is that quality control for dietary supplements is left up to the companies themselves since the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994, otherwise known as DSHEA1. The purpose of DSHEA was to improve the health…

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walking - taking the first steps to better health

Take the First Step – Walking for Better Health

Thanks to technological advances most people skip walking in their everyday lives. Even though most people see running and aerobic exercise as the ideal for healthy exercise, walking, and moderate exercise are also crucial for your health. According to Harvard Health, “benefits of physical activity depend on three elements: the intensity, duration, and frequency of exercise.” Even though you would need to walk 5 days a week at 30-minute intervals compared to the 3 days a week for 20 minutes…

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5 Steps to Healthier living

5 Everyday Steps to Healthier Living

Everyone looks for the quick fix for all aspects of life, so could there also be fixes for your health? Most people, including doctors, would say consistent, small changes to everyday life make a huge difference. The five steps listed below are a great starting point: 1. Water: Daily, you should be consuming enough ounces to equal the number of half of your body weight in pounds. So, why do we need to drink so much water? Well, your body is…

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