Whether you are trying to lose weight or simply maintain your health, a body scan provides a variety of critical information to monitor.

With a body scan from Sensational Shakes, you will learn your BMI, muscle mass, body fat, visceral fat, resting metabolic rate, and metabolic age. Your initial scan and consultation will take approximately 20-30 minutes. Each subsequent scan will take only about 5-10 minutes.

Let us break down these numbers and talk a little bit more about what they mean.

BMI- Body Mass Index
A healthy BMI varies for men and women as well as for different ages. We have a great chart for you to see what your goal should approximately be. However, we at sensational shakes put more importance on muscle and fat.
Muscle Mass
The amount of muscle you have is critical to your health. Our muscles make us strong, allowing us to move and burn more energy than fat.
Body Fat
No one is 100% muscle. We all have some fat. Knowing how much we have can help us set goals outside of just our pounds on the scale.
Visceral Fat
Visceral fat is the fat that hides in the abdominal area around our organs. A high number in this category along with other factors like family history can be an indicator of increased risk for heart attack or stroke and should be monitored closely.
Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR)
RMR is the number of calories your body burns in a day at rest. These calories are burned from your breathing and heart beating. This number helps give us a guideline or a range of calories for healthy weight loss!
Metabolic Age
While your calendar age is based on the number of days since your birth, your metabolic age is based on the age of your metabolism. In other words, how old your body thinks it is.

Several people have been afraid to face the scales. However, not facing ones current state does NOT change ones current state in any way. In fact, the first scan simply gives us a baseline.

The differences that appear on the second scan are what lets us know just how your body is changing. Imagine you’re excited to find that you have increased your muscle and decreased your fat even if your weight had not decreased or even increased.

These numbers also tell us if you need to see a doctor or have blood work. Imagine if you are working hard to gain muscle only to find you are experiencing muscle wasting at an alarming rate. Blood work might reveal a simple deficiency in a critical vitamin like vitamin D or a lack of other critical nutrients. Without these scans, you would simply be excited to see a drop on the scales.

So to schedule a body scan today and again every month. Right now, they are free and arm you with critical information to protect your health. Call 706-745-8632 to reserve your spot.