Detoxification, or “detoxing,” is the process your body uses to eliminate toxins and waste from your body, blood, and organs. Your body has built-in filters: the liver, kidneys, blood and lymphatic system that work together to convert chemicals and toxins to less harmful compounds and then eliminate them.

Normally, your body does an excellent job of detoxification on its own, but occasionally it needs help eliminating the accumulation of waste products and toxins. Easy Cleanse can provide that support.

Every day we are surrounded by a growing number of chemicals and toxins. We eat, drink and breathe these toxins and chemicals daily, including these:

  • Too much sugar
  • Too many processed and artificial foods
  • Fruits and vegetables covered in pesticides
  • Foods pumped full of antibiotics and hormones
  • Artificially created genetically modified organisms (GMOs)
  • Chemicals from the inside coating of canned goods
  • Plastic food packaging and poison tap water
  • Heavy metals from fish and seafood
  • Air pollution and cigarette smoke
  • Even soaps and detergents accumulate in your cells, lungs, gut, liver and kidneys

Once you see this long list, you can understand the variety of sources of chemicals and toxins and WHY you should cleanse and detoxify. Consider using Easy Cleanse to help you in the process.

Easy Cleanse is a 15 day gentle and natural cleansing and detoxification program. It works to rid your entire body of toxins and other pollutants and support your body’s detoxification system, easing the elimination of toxins from your body.

While no program can completely remove all of your toxic load from your body in 15 days, Easy Cleanse will naturally improve the cleansing and detoxification process and clear the pathways so that you may better optimize your health in the future. The A.M. Detox Formula is a blend of specialized herbs, nutrients, and green foods that support gastrointestinal health. The P.M. Cleansing Formula works while you sleep to support the natural elimination of toxins that have accumulated throughout the day.

While you use the Easy Cleanse program to reduce your body’s accumulated toxins, it’s a good idea to lessen the number of toxins you put into your body to help prevent future toxic overload. Minimize the amount of refined, processed junk and chemicals you eat (and drink) while increasing the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants your body needs during the detoxification process.  You should also increase high fiber foods as well as drink a healthy amount of water. Toxins will then be eliminated more frequently and at a faster pace.

The desire to is to have the toxins and waste released into the bloodstream removed by the liver, gut, and the kidneys – your internal filters – which will also be flushed during this process.

When you are ready to begin cleansing and detoxifying your body, visit Sensational Shakes.