There are numerous reasons to love Lavender, but which Lavender do you love? Regular or Spiked? What is the difference?

Now FoodsRegular Lavender is derived from the plant Lavandula Officinalis (sometimes referred to as Lavandula Angustifolia) and is commonly called True Lavender. Spike Lavender comes from Lavandula Latifolia, meaning the oils come from separate plants in the same family. Both plants have beautiful purple flowers and fragrant smells. Spike Lavender grows naturally at lower altitudes and True Lavender at higher. There are also some hybrid plants in areas where the two meet.

Spike Lavender has broader leaves than the Officinalis species. It also has a different aroma with a lighter floral scent than True Lavender and a strong camphor-like undertone. Overall, these two oils have similar properties.

So which is better? That would depend on the desired use. Here are a few examples:

For asthma, bronchitis, and sore throats – Spike Lavender will be better at opening up airways due to the camphor-like properties, and it serves as an expectorant.

For a light floral scent – True Lavender is my go to as it blends well with many other floral oils.

For aches & pains – Spike Lavender has proven to be a better analgesic for sore muscles, arthritis, and headaches.

Keep both True Lavender and Spike Lavender in your medicine cabinet and be ready to treat a multitude of issues naturally..