There is a multitude of vitamins and minerals that out bodies need. The best way to get those is through a healthy well-balanced diet. However, between soil depletion and hectic lifestyles, the majority of us suffer from one type of deficiency or another.

One way to help combat these deficiencies is a good multi-vitamin. I, personally, take and recommend the Now Ecco-Green Multi-Vitamin. This one contains a dose of super greens in addition to a daily supply of vitamins.

For some individuals, additional supplements may be needed. It is important to learn and understand what each vitamin does for the body. It is also important to note some vitamins, like Vitamin D, can be taken too much in turn cause other health problems.

For example, if our body is vitamin D deficient, we can suffer from problems such as muscle wasting. However, excessive vitamins D can cause kidney stones. As in all things in life, finding the right balance can be critical.

That is why we recommend the ABC’s of Vitamins:

  • A – Accurate Information – Check multiple sources to verify the need for and proper dosage of a vitamin.
  • B – Better Quality – All supplements are NOT created equal. Take only Quality Assured supplements.
  • C – Combination – Be aware of the combination of supplements you are taking to avoid any unwanted side effects.

Talk to your health care provider about checking your levels if you find you have symptoms related to vitamin deficiencies. Then, head on over to Sensational Shakes to stock up on high quality, affordable supplements.