Taking proper care of your body requires proper monitoring of the fitness levels you possess as well as adopting means and measures to eat the right kind of food at regular intervals which will supplement your workout regime.


Most of us work in offices in shifts, which can vary from month to month. This takes a toll on the circadian rhythm and the body should be properly fuelled to give optimal results as well as benefits. These suggestions will be handy in doing so;

  • Healthy foods both at workplaces and home: unhealthy food tends to make you feel sleepy and not at your productive best. The best foods to have are raw vegetables, easily digestible, and fruits like bananas and oranges. You will also require “slow burning” carbohydrates that keep you fuller and more productive for longer stretches of time.
  • Bring home cooked food at work: this helps you to avoid the take outs and the restaurants, allowing for healthy food to be consumed instead.
  • Eating small and frequently: this has long been advocated by health and nutrition specialists, because heavy meals tend to have more calories than needed, and end up making you feel slow and sluggish at work.
  • Caffeine consumption and water intake: caffeine should be kept to a minimum and water intake increased as much as possible, especially if you’re into working out. You can add fruit slices or citrus flavours to your water bottle, thus saving on the money for bottled drinks as well.

Importance of a workout schedule:

Anyone with an interest in his health recognizes the importance of a workout schedule. It helps you keep track the improvements that have been made when adhering to the diet as well. If you have well planned schedules for your workouts, you’ll be amazed at the great results you can achieve in a relatively short period of time.

The workout plan:

As far as workouts go, you must do it regularly at least three to four times a week, and if in doubt, have a talk with your local fitness expert, who can assess your body type and see if you’re an ectomorph, endomorph or a mesomorph. Your regimen will have to be duly adjusted along with changes in the diet to accommodate your schedule and timings a well. The next priority is consistency, try and create a schedule that includes warm up time, at least 20 to 30 minutes for cardio activities, and extra time for strength and weight training along with cool down periods in between. As you progress, you’ll find that increases in workout intensity allow your body to adjust and repair itself in time for the next session.

Using a schedule for accountability:

It is very important that you have a schedule by which you need to stick for the best results in the shortest possible time. Having an accountability schedule helps you to make up for any missed workout sessions as well as meals skipped. This helps in keeping you on the right track on your quest for fitness.