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American Health Original Papaya Enzyme – 250 tablets


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Original Papaya Enzyme 250 Chewable Tablets from American Health® may be able to support and promote digestive health by providing powerful enzymes. The digestive system is an essential part of our overall well-being and it is important to maintain its proper functioning.

A slight disorder in the digestive system might lead to various ailments and cause overall discomfort. Digestive disorders are on the rise these days because many people tend to neglect their health. Unhealthy eating habits‚ irregular meals‚ and lack of exercise‚ all affect the digestion of food. This supplement from American Health® might provide papain‚ a special enzyme obtained from papaya fruits. Unripe papaya fruits are known to be richer sources of papain that ripe fruits.

This delicious tropical fruit is rich in nutrients including carotenes‚ vitamin C‚ flavonoids‚ folate‚ pantothenic acid‚ potassium‚ copper‚ magnesium‚ and fiber. The fiber present in papayas might also help improve digestion.

This supplement combines the benefits of papain with amylase and protease‚ digestive enzymes that could enhance the digestion and assimilation of nutrients obtained from foods. Amylase is an enzyme that supports the digestion of carbohydrates‚ while protease could help synthesize proteins.

The supplement also contains calcium‚ an essential mineral for bone health. The body needs calcium in order to build and maintain healthy bones‚ teeth‚ and nails.


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