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Swiig Daily Whey Protein – Chocolate


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Pure, natural Cacao sourced from around the world

Daily Whey Protein Matrix is a unique blend of the best clean, non-denatured immune-enhancing Whey Concentrates & fast absorbing Isolates sourced from small farms in Wisconsin. You get maximum absorption that your body (especially your taste buds) will love. Using Daily Whey will help build lean muscle which charges your metabolism and helps keep your body slimmer. Perfect for the whole family…daily.

NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVORS, COLORS OR SWEETENERS, NO GMO OR ARTIFICIAL INGREDIENTS, NO HORMONES, NO GLUTEN, NO PRESERVATIVES, NO FILLERS. While we’re talking about taste, even the flavors used in swiig Whey Proteins & Builders are special. Most flavors (even the natural ones) use dextrose as a base. The flavors used in our Proteins & Builders are plated on Organic Tapioca – so, no hidden GMO ingredients or sugars! Our sweeteners are Organic, too.
IDEAL FOR WEIGHT MANAGEMENT. Our whey protein powder is ideal for weight management because it helps you build lean muscl


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