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Chxn Snx bites- Sirracha


Crispy Protein Bites. Gold Star Quality Real Chicken Protein. 10g Protein Per Serving. 3g Of Fiber Per Serving. 1g Sugar. Naturally Flavored. Physically Fit CHXN SNX is a great tasting, guilt free, hunger busting, protein-on-the-go snack, made with 100% natural chicken protein designed to support the energy, recovery and nutritional demands of today’s active lifestyle. Crispy, Crunchy, Delicious, and great for the entire family! 70g Protein Per Bag. NO Collagen Protein. NO Corn Syrup. NO Trans Fat. NO Sugar Alcohol. NO MSG. Better Snacking.

Allergen Information: Contains Peanuts & Tree Nuts. Manufactured on equipment that processes and packages peanuts and other tree nuts. may contain trace amounts of other nuts.

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