Have you noticed that many times in our lives, we give way too much focus to negative thoughts.   This thought pattern, in turn, increases negativity around us exponentially? The main reason the world is falling into the laps of doom, despair, and depression can be this negativity of thoughts and approach. But the good news is that this situation can be reversed. There is still hope left which can bring us out from the trap of negativity and create a habit of positive thinking. That ray of hope is having a thankful heart.

The importance of being thankful!

  • Being thankful not only keeps you in the present but it also lets you count your blessings. You suddenly become aware of what you have, and the complaints about things you do not have diminish.
  • Thankfulness can bring a drastic change to your mood. It takes a swift turn from negativity to positivity. This positivity has the power to heal your mind body and soul.
  • Science has proved the fact that positive thinking brings positive changes in your mind. Being thankful will fill your body with positive hormones capable of lifting your spirit.

Easy tips to stay thankful in life!

  • Say aloud three good things that happened to you during the day. It will help you count your blessings and dissolve the cloud of despair and disappointment you have formed.
  • Another very effective way of increasing thankfulness in your life is keeping a gratitude journal. Note every good thing that happens to you. Now you will have your blessing written on the paper and let all bad things disappear from your thoughts.
  • Express gratitude toward your spouse. This habit will not only increase trust and intimacy between the two of you but will also create a loop of positivity in the family.
  • A quick gratitude inventory can help you cool a sudden rush of anger or irritation. Before lashing out at someone, train yourself to look at five good things about the moment. This pause will calm your temper.

During this Thanksgiving season, let us learn to have a thankful heart and then keep it all year long.