Now FoodsOmega-3 comes from oily fish. The best sources are fish that are not readily caught in our area like Salmon, anchovies, krill, white fish, and herring. As a result, talking quality Omega-3 Supplement can be vital to your health.

Do you know that Omega-3 has numerous health benefits? Those that have been scientifically proven include:

1.       Slowing Down or Preventing Alzheimer’s Disease

Having watched family members suffer this slow decline, I can’t recommend enough that people do everything they can to prevent this disease from taking hold. Several recent studies are showing that Omega-3 can slow the decline of cognitive function. For people who had not yet developed Alzheimer’s are were taking the supplement regularly, the onset was much later in life or never occurred.

2.      Alleviating Arthritis

Omega-3 has been found to help reduce symptoms associated with arthritis, especially rheumatoid arthritis. Studies prove it is a safer alternative to NSAIDs in reducing pain and almost as effective.

3.       Lesson Symptoms of ADHD

One study revealed that Omega-3 allowed people to have less feelings of restlessness and aggressiveness, thus becoming more focused and able to get more work completed. I have personally witnessed this firsthand and can attest to the amazing difference these supplements make when taken on a daily basis.

4.       Weight Loss and Weight Management

A recent study has shown that Omega-3 can actually help reduce overall body fat with used in conjunction with exercise. Losing weight can be difficult, so adding a supplement with so many other health benefits is a great way to help achieve and maintain that goal weight.

5.       Cardiovascular Disease

It is common for doctors to prescribe a high dose of Omega-3 for heart patients after a heart attack. Omega-3 has been proven to lower the LDL cholesterol, reduce high levels of triglycerides, and bring down high blood pressure. After 6 months of Omega-3 supplements, the patients also showed an overall improvement in the functioning of their hearts. Why wait until you have a heart attack? Start prevention now.

This is not the full list of benefits. Omega-3s also help with depression, anxiety, complications from diabetes, eye health, healthier skin and hair, help prevent cancer, and even fertility and pregnancy. Omega-3 is an amazing supplement that can help you live a better life.

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